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Wednesday, November 2, 2016 5:07:34 PM UTC
The Amazon effect: How e-commerce is driving a real estate revolution
As e-commerce players scale up, they're driving demand for massive warehouse space
Out of step: Low inflation poses hurdle for Bank of Canada
Statistics Canada reported that the country’s 12-month inflation rate sank to its lowest level in nearly two years in June
In Trump’s America, not everyone is anti-NAFTA
In Kansas and Missouri, 56 per cent of voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump. But many did so despite his virulent anti-trade views, not because of them
Willis: Selling public utilities is controversial but necessary
Utilities such as Fortis and Hydro One tap public markets to pay for projects
New Canadian funds are offering ways to invest in bitcoin. Use caution
As tempting as investing in cryptocurrencies may be, you may want to engage in a bit of unencrypted skepticism before swapping your loonies for virtual tokens

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