Recommended Service Providers


In an effort to provide a reliable and dependable real estate experience for my clientele,  I have brought together a team of professionals who share in my service philosophy.  Don't hesitate to contact any of the specialty services and trades below for the right advice and care.  - Carl Schuy


Mortgage Specialists

Denise Pisani - Mortgage Centre

For over 25 years, Denise has been dedicated to providing professional advice and a very high level of service to her customers.  "As your Mortgage Specialist, I match your financial needs and goals with some of Canada’s leading lenders who, in turn, compete for your renewal in an electronic bid process using our exclusive Mortgage Market. Combine this with my professional service and expert advice, and you end up getting a renewal that’s right for you – not just the one a lender wants you to sign. The whole process is done electronically and can be completed within hours just about anywhere that suits you."

Cel: 416-629-5363  Website

Harcharan Upal - Sherwood Mortgage Group

"With over 17 years experience in the mortgage industry, I bring a wholistic view of the mortgage application process for my clients. In my previous work experiences in underwriting, Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Operations and Network Development, and Business Development Manager, I have worked for large, reputable, national organizations, and I bring all of my past experiences to my clients in assisting them in their short term and long term financial strategy. Whether you are purchasing your first home, an investment property, a second home for family to reside in, or looking to refinance your existing mortgage to open up additional cash flow, I am able provide a viable mortgage solution for each individual client. As I work with over 50 lenders, I can provide you with a product best suited to your needs. I look forward to working with you in realizing your dream of home ownership. "

Cel: 416-451-2327  Website

Legal Professionals


Tel.: +1 (905) 814-5227

Nigel Watson - Barrister & Solicitor

2 Carlton St. Suite #1802
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3
Tel.: 416-977-7700

Inspection Services

Carson Dunlop

Office numbers: 416.964.9415 or 1.800.268.7070,  

Fax: 416.964.0683


5462 Timberlea Blvd
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L4W 2T7

tel: 1 (866) 284-6010

Moving, Storage and Disposal

Bronte Movers

Toll Free: 1-888-947-9638




24/7 Customer Service at 1-800-468-5865


800-776-PODS (7637)

Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn Patrol - Ruben Rossi

Tel.: 416-989-LAWN (5296)


Judith Gilbert - Salnek's

Office: 905-966-2551

Cell: 905-923-1035


General Contractors

BGC Electrical - Ben Crawley Master Electrician

Commercial and Residential Master Electrician

Tel.: 416-994-7742

Supreme Windows & Doors

Tel.: 905-278-4900

Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists

Boss Mechanical

Commercial & Residential HVAC Experts

Tel: 46-875-6450

Email:   Website

Health and Wellness

Southdown Chiropractic and Wellness - Dr. Paul Zmiyiwsky

1494 Southdown Road
Mississauga, ON
L5J 2Z4
Tel: 905-822-8606
Fax: 905-919-9801

Greg Cockerill - Traditional Chinese Medicine & Accupuncture

19 Golden Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Tel.: (416) 899-3364

Catalyst Health

101 Yorkville, Suite 200

Toronto, ON M5R 1C1

Tel: 647-351-0101

Fax: 647-351-0100

Other Recommended Services

Alicia Saint - Coaching and Consulting

Alicia Saint, ACC, ATC, 
Alicia Saint Coaching & Consulting
What are the keys to planning for a happy, healthy retirement?  There’s a lot more to it than just the dollars and cents!

Garage Door Specialists - Richards-Wilcox Canada

Randy Stratton

(905) 625-0037

Life & Executor Insurance - Rick Mamros

What is a Personal Pension Plan? Click the link…


Cross Avenue Auto Service

460 South Service Rd. W.
Oakville, ON L6K 2H7
Tel 905-845-0666

Robert Fluney - Seneca Auto Body

1109 Seneca Avenue
Mississauga, Ontario, L5G 3X8


SAFE T RIDE - we drive your car home safely

Designated Drivers

Tel: 416-438-8356


Pest Control

Brad Pullen - City & Country Pest Control

Residential Property Water testing and Septic Information

Public Health Ontario - Water Testing

This information is for people who own their own source of drinking water that serves a single household, such as a well. If you are an owner or operator of a drinking water system, contact the Ministry of the Environment for more information.


Your well water can affect the health of everyone who drinks it.  Here are steps you can take to reduce the risk of consuming contaminated water:


Click Here for more information on how to test your homes drinking water

Septic Systems - Informational Guide


A septic system is like any other equipment
in your house. If you operate and maintain the
system responsibly, it will work well and should
last a long time. A properly functioning septic
system provides a safe, reliable way of treating
your household wastewater.


Click Here for more information on Septic Systems