Seller Closing Costs

Pre-home Inspection

Approximate Cost: $300 - $600

The home inspector evaluates the structures and systems that make up your home and provides you with a written report to give you an idea of the current state of the property and address any issues prior to listing date.

Property Survey

Approximate Cost: $750 - $1,200

A survey indicates the boundaries/measurements of the land, positions of major structures and any registered or visible easements (such as a driveway) or encroachments (such as a neighbour's fence) on the property.

Legal Fees and Related Expenses

Approximate Cost: $900 - $1,500

These fees vary by province and are subject to HST where applicable. Ensure your lawyer's quote includes all related expenses and disbursements, not just legal fees.

Moving & Storage expenses

Approximate Cost: $900 + (Cost varies on factors like number of men, moving destination and hourly rate)

I recommend you obtain at least three quote's from reputable moving companies.